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Meet Carie & Alex

Why The Wisdom Works?

We provide you with the most comprehensive, cutting edge and clear business & professional development process (100% tailored to your needs) on the planet but we won't charge you the earth to join.

Expert Advice- Clarity

No matter how successful we are, we don't know what we don't know AND we can't see out of our blind spots or blocks without help. The more clarity you have, the more successful you will become. 

Experience -Confidence

Save yourself the soul destroying pain of wasting time, money and energy by trying to figure it out yourself. We have 1000s of hours of coaching, consultancy & training success, 10s of millions of sales to our credit and 100s of happy client case studies to drawn on. 

Execute -Consistency

Information creates knowledge. The implementation of knowledge creates outcomes. Reflecting on outcomes creates wisdom. We are going to work with you to learn, implement and reflect so the wisdom works for you too. 

Alex Patchett-Joyce and Carie Lyndene have jointly invested 75 years AND almost a million pounds into their own professional wisdom. You, as their private client, receive everything they have learned for a teeny tiny fraction of their investment!

Why Become A Private Client?

The Step By Step Bespoke Business Plan & Marketing Strategy You Need To Advance Your Sales & Income. 

World Class Training and Support. Private Blockbusting Sessions. Personalised plan of action to work at your own pace and stage of development. Access to our Success Team. 


Exclusive LIVE events. Mastermind with those who are already achieving success and are experts in their field.

"Because of a lack of confidence, I always had trouble with promoting and selling myself. Working with Carie & Alex as a Private Client has been extraordinary. I now have both the marketing and mindset strategies I need and my business has transformed as a result. "

Tania Jones
Automation Expert | Solofusion| UK

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